Owify Lite

Owify Lite

Optimal solution for processing all incoming and outgoing calls


All in one place

The service is intended for customers who have online stores or services offered worldwide. This allows them to establish a local presence with a local number and provide support or information to their customers.

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Properties of Owify Lite

Optimize and customize your incoming and outgoing calls

Web Interface

The user needs headphones and a microphone. It also works in webRTC-supported mobile browsers (Chrome, Edge).


The agent may add a contact as a joint contact. That way, other agents see this contact and any information that hangs on that contact is visible to everyone.

Sending SMS

Once the contact is stored, an SMS may be sent to him. The name of the company, service or telephone number can be set as the sender.

Missed calls

Every missed call is recorded as a missed call and is seen by agents. When an agent calls back, the call is deleted from the list so that it is not called again by the agent.

Sticky Agent

The next time a user calls it rings to the agent they last spoke to. If theagent is free he will take it. If not, the call goes to other agents.

Agent Colors

The call, which is unanswered and has already been discussed with this number, is stained with the color the agent has selected in the profile. That way, agents can immediately see which the missed call was for him.


During a conversation, the agent can press the conversion button. What is a conversion depends on what the customer is doing. For example, in the case of online stores thats selling over the phone. Such a call then statistics takes into account and shows the agent's performance based on the number of calls received or called.

Agents availability display

The agent sees the list of associates and who's registered and free. This way, he can transfer the call to a colleague or call him internally to talk to the caller.


The administrator can determine which agent will be able to make calls from which number and which number he will report. This lets agents segment by phone number and the language they speak.

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