SMS api integration

SMS api integration

Easy integration of SMS into your business processes.


Connectivity with all systems

The Owify SMS api allows you to integrate according to your wishes and needs, regardless of your current CRM system or online store.

Ability to send SMS in more than 90+ countries.

Examples of SMS use

Optimize your sales and user experience with SMS

Abandoned carts

Send an SMS to users who started an online purchase but did not complete it.

Seasonal promotions

Send SMS to customers about promotions with a discount coupon with a link to your online store.

Order status

Notify your customers of a completed purchase with the tracking number of their order.

Login authentication

Enable two-factor authentication for your users to log into their user account.

Meeting reminders

Send reminders to your users one day before the scheduled meeting.

Your script

Set up SMS sending according to your specifications and scenarios.

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