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You agree to the following terms and conditions that apply to the services of the Owify brand run and represented by infomedia d.o.o. online or otherwise. In this Agreement, the terms “you” and “yours” refer to a person who benefits from the Services in any way. By entering into this Agreement on behalf of a company or other legal entity, you represent that you have the authority to bind such entity and all persons to whom the entity will allow access and use of Owify services, subject to “you” and “Yours” referred to such an entity. If you do not have such authority or if you do not agree to these terms, do not check the “I agree to the terms of participation” button, which will mean that you will not be able to use the service. The term “service” refers to the use of Owify, which is accessible through apps.owify.com or any other service of infomedia d.o.o. Infomedia d.o.o. reserves the right to periodically update and change the terms of participation without notice. All new features that expand or improve the current offer, including the release of new tools and resources, will be subject to these terms of participation. Your continued use of the Services following any such changes will constitute your agreement to such changes. Violation of any of the terms listed below will result in the termination of your account. Infomedia d.o.o. prohibits such conduct and content in its services, but with this confirmation, you agree that Infomedia d.o.o. cannot be held responsible for content posted on the Service and for cases where you will be exposed to such unwanted content. You agree to use the Service at your own risk.

Terms of account

  1. You may not use the Services for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. You may not violate any of the laws in your jurisdiction (including, but not limited to, copyright law) by using the Services.
  2. You must provide your full legal name, valid email address, and any other required information in order to complete the application process.
  3. Your login information can only be used by one person – multiple people are not allowed to use the same login information.
  4. You are responsible for all published content and activity on your account.
  5. You are responsible for protecting your account and password. Infomedia d.o.o. cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of your failure to meet this security obligation.
  6. You expressly understand and agree that Infomedia d.o.o. will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exceptional damages, including but not limited to damages in the event of loss of profit, use, data, good mood or other non-material loss resulting from your use of Owify applications.
  7. You agree that the personal and other data you provide when registering for the service and data on other users who will use the service with your permission will be used for regular information about news, useful tips, and activities Infomedia d.o.o. and new service updates.

Account cancellation and closure

  1. You are solely responsible for the proper cancellation of your account. Cancellation requires a cancellation email and phone request.
  2. Upon cancellation, all your content will be immediately deleted from the service account. Once your account has been canceled, you will not be able to get this information back.
  3. The invoice automatically expires after 30 days from registration. at the end of the paid month.
  4. Infomedia d.o.o. has the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or terminate your account at any time for any reason and to refuse any current or future use of this or any other service of Infomedia d.o.o. Such termination of the Service will mean the deactivation or deletion of your account or access to your account and the revocation and release of the entire contents of your account. Infomedia d.o.o. reserves the right to refuse to provide services for any reason to anyone and at any time.

Changes in services and prices

  1. Infomedia d.o.o. reserves the right to change and suspend or terminate the Service (or any part of it) at any time with or without notice.
  2. The prices of all services, including but not limited to the payment of a monthly subscription to the service, are subject to change upon 30 days prior notice by us. Such notification may be made at any time by posting changes on the Owify website (www.owify.com) or in the service itself.
  3. Infomedia d.o.o. will not be liable to you or any third party for corrections, price changes and omissions.

Copyright and Content Ownership

  1. We do not own any intellectual property rights for content you publish in the Owify application. Your profile and uploaded content remain yours.
  2. Infomedia d.o.o. does not preview the content, but Infomedia d.o.o. and its creators have the right (but not the obligation) at their discretion to reject or remove any content made available through the Service.

Terms and conditions

  1. All services of Infomedia d.o.o. are used at your own risk.
  2. You understand that Infomedia d.o.o. benefits third parties in providing the hardware and software, network, hard disk space, and related technologies required to perform the Services.
  3. You agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, distribute or misuse any part of the service, the usability of the service, or access to the service without the prior written permission of Infomedia d.o.o.
  4. We reserve the right but are not obligated, to remove content and invoices that contain content that we deem to be illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, or otherwise objectionable or infringing the intellectual property rights of any customer or these Terms of Service.
  5. You understand that the technical processing and transmission of the Service, including your Content, may be unencrypted and include (a) transmissions over multiple networks, and (b) changes to meet and adapt to the technical requirements of the associated networks or devices.
  6. You may not download, post, host, or transmit unsolicited e-mails, text messages, or unsolicited messages.
  7. Worms, viruses, or any destructive code must not be transmitted.
  8. Infomedia d.o.o. is not responsible for the acquisition, processing, import, export or use of your data. You, as the user, are obliged to carry out all procedures related to ZVOP-1. After switching to a payable account, Infomedia d.o.o. acts as a contractual manager of the database, which is defined in a special contract that you enter into when switching to a payable account.
  9. Infomedia d.o.o. does not undertake that: (i) the Service will meet your specific requirements; (ii) the service will operate continuously, quickly, safely, and error-free; (iii) the results obtained using this service will be accurate and reliable; (iv) that the quality of any products, services, information or other goods that you purchase through that service will be adequate.
  10. You expressly understand and agree that Infomedia d.o.o. shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exceptional damages, including but not limited to damages in the event of loss of profit, use, data, good mood or other material loss resulting from (i) the use of or inability to use the service; (ii) the cost of ordering replacement goods and services for any goods, data, information or services you have purchased or acquired, or for messages received or for transfers you have made, through a service or in her; (iii) unauthorized access to or alteration of your transfers or data; (iv) statements or actions of any third party to the Service; (v) any other matter relating to the Service.
  11. The failure of Infomedia d.o.o. in the exercise and exercise of any right or provision of these Terms of Participation shall not constitute an exception to such right or provision. These Terms of Service constitute the entire agreement between you and Infomedia d.o.o. and determine your use of the Service and supersede any prior agreement between you and Infomedia d.o.o. (including, but not limited to, any prior version of the terms of participation).
  12. You can send us any questions about the conditions of participation to the e-mail address info@owify.com.
  13. You agree that Infomedia d.o.o. uses tools to analyze the use of the Owify web application in order to maximize the user experience.
  14. You agree that Infomedia d.o.o. informs about the news by e-mail.

The General Terms and Conditions are valid from 11 February 2022.

Infomedia d.o.o.