New brand identity

For the start of 2022, the Owify team has begun implementing our new corporate identity to refresh our look and make our website and the app even more user-friendly.

We first started by upgrading our “big-eyed owl” which needed a bit of paint and also had to lose a pound or two. As we strive for a complete and reliable conversation platform, we have also surrounded it with a conversation cloud.

Her sharp gaze should not frighten you because she is very calm and good at heart, but she should make sure that all phone calls are processed in a timely and professional manner.

Website www.owify.com

After many interactions with the new logo and colors, we transferred the new corporate graphic image to the new website.

We have also elaborated our products and services, the description of which can be found here:

Owify Cloud PBX

The support phone app Owify will soon follow our new image with the addition of new features and improvements, for an even better user experience.

Upamo, da vam naša nove celostna grafična podobo sede dobro v oko. 

In case you have any additional suggestions you are more than welcome to contact us and give us your improvements.

Owify team